Pitch Black Systems

Pitch Black Systems is an EP of music originally written around 2008-10 when I was somewhere between my Machinochrist and Ascetic monikers, wondering what…

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Acts cover art

Acts of Devotion

“The Hand becometh these things as it ceaseth to be known unto thine own senses; as Feeling waneth in the Hand of the Artist,…

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To Wound cover art

To Wound the Autumnal City

To Wound the Autumnal City draws inspiration from Samuel Delaney's Dhalgren. A speculative hauntology of an acid-fried garage psych-rock band who never left in…

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Tom Whiston - Meditations I cover art

Meditations I

A deep listening meditation for invoking Baphometic energies Headphone listening recommended Performed 25th - 31st May 2020 Hurdy-Gurdy and Effects - Tom Whiston Mixing…

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Audio Sigil Software

Audio Sigils

Based on an idea from the chaos matrix archive concerning audio sigils. Code on github

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